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Simon O'Connor joins CSP

Date: Wed 29th June 2022

Simon O'Connor joins CSP

A huge welcome back to Simon O’Connor who joined us recently as Commercial Manager at CSP.  As a bit of background, Simon joined the print industry here at CSP 35 years ago before leaving to pursue other career directions and has re-joined after a 15-year break. He said, “I have so much more to offer the company and I’m enjoying the responsibility that’s been given to me.”

Simon enjoys playing badminton and spending time with his grandchildren and is described by people who know him well as loyal, smiley and a good thinker.  Welcome on to the team Simon!

We asked Simon a few questions so you can get to know him and how he will be fitting in to the CSP team.


What is your job title and role at CSP?

Commercial Manager.  I am here to ensure our costings are correct, our estimates are accurate and produced in a timely fashion. We price commercially competitive, whilst maximising our profit.  I assist in sourcing the best products at the best price. We understand the clients request and assist in producing a product to accomplish this.    


What’s your background before CSP, any achievements you would like to share?

I joined the print industry in 1987 and achieved my BPIF and LCP (London College of Print) awards in 'Introduction to Print Technology & Basic in Print Estimating'.  I left the industry in 1991 when I joined the Police force in Kent. During my two years I received a Chief Constables Commendation for bravery, but this incident was also the reason I left.  I re-joined print and through experience, have had management roles and learnt different aspects from carton printing to finance (overnight) printing and direct mail printing.    


What have you enjoyed so far at CSP?

Having re-joined CSP after a 15-year break, I have so much more to offer the company and enjoying the responsibility given to me.  


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I still play badminton once a week and love spending time with the grandchildren. I also go walking once a week for 2-3 hours around the local countryside.


Do you prefer sweet or savoury?

It’s mainly savoury than sweet, although I can have a binge on sweet every now and then.


What’s your favourite...

...singer/band: From my youth it is Genesis, whereas present I would say is Callum Scott. I love the film “Big”  Tom Hanks

...TV Show: The Repair Shop is a favourite, seeing the skilled craftsmen and women bring back treasured items. To Kill a Mockingbird – Is the book that has influenced me since reading at school. Understanding cultural differences and influences and how honesty and the right things can win.


If your best friend could describe you in 3 words, what do you think they would say?

Loyal, smiley and good thinker.  An alternative three words from my wife are: Generous, frustrating and thoughtful.

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