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Reducing your commercial print costs

Date: Wed 26th April 2023

In the current cost of living crisis businesses are under increasing pressure to cut costs.  Profits are being squeezed and people are looking to save money wherever they can. We've pulled together 8 ways to reduce your commercial print costs without impacting the desired outcome.

Optimise Paper Usage

Designing print materials with efficient layouts and reducing unnecessary white space can help optimise paper usage, leading to cost savings. Take into account that a brochure or booklet will need to be designed in sets of 4 pages, doing this will ensure there are no unnecessary blank pages in the document.

Print in Bulk

Printing in larger quantities can often result in volume discounts, which can help reduce the per-unit cost of printing.

Consolidate Print Jobs

Combining multiple print jobs into one print run can help reduce setup fees and minimise printing costs.

Opt for Digital Printing for shorter runs

Digital printing is generally more cost-effective for small to medium-sized print runs (up to around 2000 copies), as it does not require costly setup fees or plates compared to offset printing.

Request Quotes from Multiple Printers

Comparing quotes from different commercial printers can help businesses find the most cost-effective option for their printing needs.

Optimise Finishing Choices

Finishing options such as special coatings, embossing, or foil stamping can add significant costs to print materials. Print embellishments do a great job at helping print collateral stand out and gain attention and should be considered depending on the product and its intended purpose. Similarly, print embellishments can also provide functional purpose for example, laminates can extend the lifecycle of a brochure by protecting it from damage and have more impact.

Look at Alternatives

A small change such as a reduction of paper thickness or using UV varnish instead of laminate can reduce print costs without impacting the desired outcome.

Print in Black and White or Grayscale

Using black and white or grayscale printing instead of full-colour printing can significantly reduce print costs, as colour printing is generally more expensive.

If you're not sure where to start, contact CSP today and we will guide you in making the right choices to make your print more economical.

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