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HP Indigo 7900's coming to CSP

Date: Wed 29th March 2017

The HP Indigo 7900 digital press

CSP are pleased to announce the purchase of two HP Indigo 7900 Digital Presses.

CSP's new HP 7900's are being installed in April, following on from a highly successful partnership with HP over the last 5 years we are very excited to be getting the latest technology in Digital Printing equipment at CSP.

HP are the world leader in Digital Print technology, their presses produce high quality printed products at an achievable price which our customers benefit from. 

The new HP 7900 can print up to 160 pages per minute in full colour, it can also print in up to 7 colours. 

We hope this will further improve the capacity at CSP in the digital dept. by at least 35%.

CSP will be tweeting all about the progress of the installation over the next few weeks so please follow us on Twitter to see how they are getting on.

If you want to read more about this exciting tecnology please click on the link below.


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