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Beyond the Open Day: How to Stand Out in University Marketing

Date: Thu 19th October 2023

As a university marketing team, you’re in the same boat as many others up and down the country, working hard to promote your university to the pool of students looking for the next step in their educational journey.

With Open Evenings, Open Days and Virtual Events galore to provide a range of entry points for these prospective students to check out your institution, you’ve got a lot on your plate!  Your signs and banners are prepared to direct people around for your open day. Hopefully, you’ve got a free pen to give away (because we all know students love a freebie!) but have you thought about after the event and how to make an impact long after the event is over? 

Making sure that your event is the one that stands out, so you become the university of choice is pivotal, and anything that reminds them of their experience after the event is a critical part of this.  Of course, you can send follow-up emails to those you captured data from at the event but have you thought about getting a bit more physical? (No, we don’t mean giving them a hug). Read on to find out more.

Creative Follow-Up Marketing Ideas

Printed Prospectus

A printed prospectus is a staple item, you can provide a digital copy but how can you be sure they will take the time to read it?  You can include an overview and map of your university campus, campus facilities, student life, admission procedures, details of local accommodation options, and testimonials from current students and graduates. Include vibrant photos and engaging content to capture the essence of your institution.

Campus Maps

Design and send campus maps that help visitors navigate your university. Include key landmarks, academic buildings, accommodation, and recreational areas. This can be especially helpful for prospective students and their families as they envision themselves on your campus.

Course detail leaflets

A course information leaflet will be something they can hang on to well after the event is over.  Lay out a typical term and what topics they’ll cover, a meet the team of lecturers, so they can familiarise themselves with what is to come and feel part of the university already. Provide an idea of potential career opportunities too, as this can help students explore their interests.

Personalised Thank You Card

The technology to personalise print exists and it isn’t expensive to implement so that you can send personalised mail to your prospective students.  How about sending a personalised thank-you card from their faculty head, expressing gratitude for attending the open day? This personal touch can leave a positive impression. You can include their name and the city they’re coming from and invite them for a free welcome drink at the union during freshers’ week!

Include Connected Technology

Consider including contact information or QR codes that lead recipients to relevant web pages or online resources for more in-depth information, provide links to useful online resources, think about what data you would like to collect in order to make your content relevant to them and add a short registration page asking a few key questions when they scan the QR code.

Ultimately, you can run a very successful event utilising the bare minimum of printed materials.  But, if you want to really stand out and prove your university is the one that’s keeping up with current trends and topics then you need to think about how you can intertwine the digital and physical assets of your campaign to make the most of the event for you and your prospective students.

Who are CSP?

CSP are a print company known for providing high-quality print solutions to educational institutions. We have had the privilege of working with several prestigious educational institutions in the past, helping them achieve their printing needs efficiently and cost-effectively. We specialise in a wide range of print products, from brochures and flyers to banners and promotional merchandise. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing.  If you are currently in need of printing services or would like to discuss the potential benefits of partnering with us, please get in touch. 

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